How To Add A Co-Owner To A Car And Mileage

Adding a co-owner to a car for mileage accounting is a simple process that requires several steps. The first step is to verify that the car is registered to the company or individual who owns the vehicle. If the car is registered to a company, it will be necessary to add a co-owner by changing the registration documents accordingly. Next, it is necessary to contact [...]

Why Cost Invoices Don't Want to Settle with Kilometers Rzeczpospolita

Cost invoices, i.e. documents confirming expenses incurred by the company, do not always want to settle with the mileage tax Rzeczpospolita. Why does this happen? There may be several reasons. First, some companies may not have the proper infrastructure or system to keep accurate records of kilometers driven. In such a situation, the use of mileage can be cumbersome and time-consuming, resulting in [...]

Is the Mileage Paid in Ops to Caregivers Taxable?

Mileage paid to caregivers of the elderly or disabled is taxable. It is a form of additional remuneration for the routes traveled by the employee in the course of his work. In the case of mileage allowance, the employee is reimbursed for mileage traveled in a company or private car to reach the workplace or perform certain tasks. According to tax regulations, mileage is treated as [...]

Is Kilometric Tax Subject to Bailiff's Seizure

A mileage log, a document confirming the mileage driven by an employee in a company car, can be subject to bailiff seizure. This means that in the case of an employee's debt, a bailiff can seize amounts owed to him for kilometers driven. This is possible because the mileage allowance is a document that proves the work performed and the costs accrued for business travel. It is worth noting, however, that a bailiff's seizure may [...]

Is the Kilometer There and Back?

Mileage allowance is one of the most popular ways of accounting for employees who travel on business. It involves reimbursing an employee for mileage driven in a private car for business purposes. Companies that choose to use mileage reimbursement typically use it both for business trips back and forth, as well as in situations where an employee visits several places in [...]

Is Mileage Income of a Board Member

Kilometric mileage is a popular form of accounting for employees for business travel, involving payment of money for kilometers traveled. However, is mileage allowance considered income for a company executive? The answer to this question is ambiguous and depends on a number of factors. In the case of members of the board of directors who are also employees of the company, mileage may be treated as additional compensation for performing [...]

Is Mileage Needed for a Replacement Car

A mileage meter is a document that is necessary to account for kilometers driven in a company car. However, is it also needed for a replacement car? The answer to this question depends on the individual arrangements between the company and the company renting the replacement car. In most cases, mileage is not required to account for kilometers driven in a replacement car, as [...]

Is there a mileage allowance for a community nurse?

Mileage allowance is a system of accounting for business travel expenses that reimburses for mileage driven in a private or company car. For community nurses who make many visits to patients in different locations, mileage can be an important part of their job. Community nurses often have to travel long distances to reach their patients. As a result, [...]

What the Gofin Mileage Register Should Contain

The GOFIN mileage sheet, a document used to account for business travel expenses, should contain several key pieces of information. First of all, it should include the date and personal data of the employee who took the trip. Next, the place of departure and the purpose of the trip should be included, as well as the route along with the number of kilometers traveled. It is also worth including the type of vehicle that was [...]

Does Kilometer Rate Apply in 2019?

In 2019, the so-called "mileage allowance," a special way of accounting for costs associated with the use of a company car, is in force. It relies on the employee being reimbursed for kilometers driven for company purposes. This is advantageous for both the employer and the employee, as it allows precise accounting for the actual cost of travel. It is worth noting that mileage is particularly [...]