Kilometer electric car

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The Ministry of Infrastructure is making changes to the "mileage allowance" for electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars. The aim is to promote environmentally friendly means of transportation by allowing reimbursement for the use of vehicles for business purposes. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a bit longer for their introduction. The effective date of the new changes is still unknown, so we are describing alternative ways of accounting.

Kilometer printing: the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

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Kilometer print is an extremely helpful tool for many companies and employees to accurately account for business travel expenses. However, filling it out correctly can be a challenge, and mistakes in documentation can lead to unnecessary complications and financial problems. In this article, we'll take a look at the most common mistakes made when filling out mileage payments, and provide practical tips on how to [...]

Vehicle Mileage Book: How to Drive - A Practical Guide

vehicle mileage book

A mileage log book is an essential tool for any car owner who wants to have full control over the usage history of his vehicle. Keeping such records, or mileage logs, not only allows you to keep track of fuel consumption and operating costs, but also makes it easier to manage service and potentially sell your car in the future. In this practical guide, we will take you step by [...]

Rate per km: What You Need to Know to Manage Your Travel Costs Well

rate per km

Managing business travel costs can be a challenge, but understanding how the per-kilometer rate works can make the process much easier. The per-kilometer rate, also known as the per-kilometer rate, is a set amount that an employer reimburses an employee for each kilometer driven for business purposes. Knowing the current rates and how they are calculated is crucial both [...]

How to accurately perform a mileage calculation: A practical guide

calculation of mileage

Calculation of mileage is a key aspect of business travel expense management that requires a precise approach and knowledge of the regulations. For many employees and employers, it is not only an obligation, but also an opportunity to effectively account for expenses related to the use of private vehicles for business purposes. In this guide, we will outline step-by-step how to accurately perform mileage calculations so that it is [...]

Mileage how to drive: A practical guide

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Keeping mileage records is a key part of managing business and private travel costs - mileage how to keep? A well-maintained mileage log helps not only to accurately track the kilometers driven, but also to effectively settle accounts with your employer or the tax office. In this article, we will present a practical step-by-step guide that will explain how to properly keep mileage records to [...]

Keeping mileage records: How to do it effectively - A practical guide

Keeping records of vehicle mileage

Keeping mileage records is a key part of fleet management for both companies and individuals. By accurately recording the kilometers driven for business purposes of passenger cars, you can not only monitor fuel consumption and plan maintenance, but also meet regulatory requirements and optimize operating costs. In this guide we will present practical tips and proven methods, [...]

Kilometer Calculator: How It Works and Why You Need It

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The mileage calculator is a tool that can make life much easier for anyone who regularly uses a car for business purposes. It allows us to accurately calculate the costs associated with the use of a car, which is extremely important for both employees and employers. In this article, we will take a look at how exactly the mileage calculator works and why you should use it. We will also discover, [...]

Vehicle mileage book

Vehicle mileage log book - an indispensable document for every driver The vehicle mileage log book is a document that is becoming increasingly important, especially in the context of tax settlements and fleet management. It is a tool that allows you to accurately monitor and record every trip made by a vehicle, which is crucial for both companies and private car users. Vehicle mileage documentation [...]