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Does Mileage Have to Match Date of Refueling.

Kilometric mileage is an important document that is used to account companies for kilometers driven in company cars. Often the question arises, does the date of the mileage log have to match the date of fueling?

The answer is yes, the mileage date should match the date of refueling. Why? Because the accuracy and reliability of the mileage record are crucial to the proper accounting of business travel expenses.

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If the date of refueling does not match the date of the mileage, this can raise questions about the reliability of the document. It can also affect the miscalculation of travel expenses and lead to ambiguities in possible tax audits.

Therefore, it is important to always include the date of refueling when compiling mileage and make sure that it is consistent with the date of travel. In this way, we will ensure clarity and reliability in billing for ourselves and our company.

Remember that accuracy and correctness of business records are key to avoiding unnecessary hassles and disputes related to company accounts. That's why it's always a good idea to make sure that the mileage date matches the fueling date.

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