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Whether Kilometer What Vat Purposes In 2019 applies.

Kilometric accounting, i.e. accounting for business travel expenses based on kilometers traveled, is still a valid form of accounting for VAT purposes in Poland in 2019. For companies that opt for this method of accounting, it is advantageous to maintain detailed documentation of kilometers traveled and travel-related expenses. This makes it possible to obtain a VAT refund on the expenses incurred.

It is worth remembering that the mileage rate requires precise record-keeping of trips and related costs, such as fuel, tolls or vehicle servicing. It is also important to determine the rate per kilometer, which will be the basis for calculating travel expenses.

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For companies that frequently use company cars and incur significant travel expenses, mileage can be a beneficial form of accounting. It allows you to accurately determine costs and obtain VAT reimbursement, which contributes to optimizing company costs.

It is worth noting that mileage is one of the permissible ways of accounting for VAT purposes in Poland and can be used by companies in accordance with current regulations. Therefore, it is worth considering this form of accounting to maximize the tax opportunities associated with business travel.

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