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How the Kilometer is Counted.

Kilometric allowance is a document confirming the kilometers driven by a company employee for business purposes. It is an important tool for accounting for business travel expenses and for monitoring company expenses.

To properly compile mileage, there are several important factors to consider. First, you need to determine the exact route of your trip, including the start and destination. Next, the number of kilometers traveled should be determined, which can be done using car navigation or online maps.

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Another important element of mileage is the determination of the rate per kilometer that will be used to settle expenses. This rate can be set by the company on the basis of applicable regulations or individual agreements with the employee.

It's also worth keeping in mind additional costs associated with the trip, such as tolls, parking or fuel. These expenses should also be included in the mileage allowance so that the company can accurately determine the cost of the business trip.

The final mileage sheet should be signed by both the employee and the person responsible for accounting for costs in the company. This will give the document legal validity and provide a solid basis for accounting for business travel costs.

The conclusions of the mileage allowance can also be used to analyze the efficiency of business travel and to optimize the company's costs. Therefore, it is worth taking care to properly and comprehensively compile this document in order to have a complete picture of business travel expenses.

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