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What Taxation Choice Kilometer.

Kilometric mileage is a popular form of accounting for costs associated with the use of a company car. It involves calculating travel expenses based on kilometers traveled and then settling them with the employer. There are several different ways to tax mileage, which are worth considering before making a decision.

One option is to tax mileage at the rates in force in the country. Poland currently has rates set by the Ministry of Finance, which are updated annually. Employees can settle their business trips based on these rates, allowing them to be reimbursed for a portion of their expenses.

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Another option is to conclude an agreement with the employer, which specifies individual terms and conditions for accounting for mileage. In this case, both parties can agree on reimbursement rates for kilometers traveled and other terms for settling business travel expenses. This is a more flexible solution that allows the terms to be tailored to the individual needs of the employee and the employer.

It is also worth noting the tax benefits associated with mileage accounting. Employees who use a company car for business purposes can take advantage of a tax credit that allows them to reduce their income tax. Thus, the use of mileage can benefit both the employee and the employer.

In conclusion, the choice of mileage taxation depends on individual needs and preferences. It is worth talking to a tax advisor or accountant to choose the best solution for you and your business. With the right strategy for accounting for mileage, you can save money and avoid unnecessary tax complications.

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