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Whether the Kilometer is Subject to Bailiff Seizure.

A mileage log, a document confirming the mileage driven by an employee in a company car, can be subject to bailiff seizure. This means that in the case of an employee's debt, a bailiff can seize amounts owed to him for kilometers driven. This is possible because the mileage allowance is a document confirming the work performed and the costs accrued for business travel.

However, it is worth noting that a bailiff's seizure can only apply to a portion of an employee's salary, according to the law. This means that the bailiff can seize only a certain portion of the amount due to the employee for kilometers traveled, leaving him with funds to cover his basic needs.

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Therefore, before signing a business travel contract and using mileage, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the regulations on bailiff seizure and protect yourself with the appropriate clauses in the contract. In this way, you can avoid unpleasant situations related to the seizure of mileage receivables by a bailiff.

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