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Whether the Kilometric Rate Can Be Lower Than Resulting from the Regulation.

Mileage allowance, i.e. reimbursement for kilometers traveled in a company car, is regulated by law, which specifies the reimbursement rates per kilometer and the conditions for granting it. However, there is a possibility that the mileage allowance may be lower than that resulting from the current regulation.

In such a situation, the arrangements in the contract between the employer and the employee are decisive. If the contract stipulates a lower rate of reimbursement per kilometer than the law stipulates, the employee is obliged to comply with it. In practice, this means that the employee will be reimbursed according to the contractual arrangements, even if they are lower than the rates specified in the regulation.

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It is worth noting that if the employer has not specified the rate of reimbursement per kilometer in the contract, the standard rates specified by law apply. In such a situation, the employee is entitled to be reimbursed in accordance with the applicable rates, regardless of any contractual arrangements.

Therefore, before signing a mileage reimbursement agreement, it is worthwhile to carefully read its contents and check that the rates specified in the agreement are in accordance with applicable laws. In this way, you can avoid a situation in which the mileage rate will be lower than that prescribed by the regulation and ensure that you have adequate financial security for business trips.

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