Vehicle mileage records for VAT purposes in Excel - a complete guide

Vehicle mileage records for VAT purposes in Excel

Vehicle mileage records for VAT purposes in Excel are a key element for entrepreneurs and business companies that use company vehicles and want to do so using Excel. This is most often due to constraints at the organization level. Keeping records in this way not only helps with proper VAT accounting, but also provides important support in fleet management. The entrepreneur is required to maintain accurate records of vehicle mileage for tax and billing purposes.

Although Excel, due to its versatility and accessibility, is often used to keep such records, it nevertheless introduces many problems that can be solved with the use of dedicated record-keeping applications.

Test online mileage software for free

Dedicated mileage records program for vat excel and online purposes

Vehicle mileage records for vat excel purposes - why keep ?

Keeping accurate mileage records is required by Polish tax regulations for businesses deducting VAT on car expenses. It is important to document the start date of the mileage records. These records allow you to justify to the tax office the expenses associated with the operation of vehicles, such as fuel, maintenance, and insurance. It makes it possible to properly account for expenses and VAT deduction, which directly affects the company's finances, and requires regular recording of the vehicle's odometer.

How do I prepare a sheet for vehicle mileage records in Excel?

The most convenient form of conducting mileage is to take advantage of online mileage logging program, but if your organization requires a more traditional approach you can prepare the prints yourself.

You can use the ready-made sheet we prepared here :

Worksheet for VAT purposes
Excel sheet mileage for VAT
  1. Creating the structure of the sheet:
  1. Functions and formulas:
  1. Data protection:

Mileage records for vat purposes excel - best practices in record keeping

Excel mileage records for VAT purposes is not only a legal requirement, but also a tool

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