Filling in mileage by hand is cumbersome and takes a lot of time

Why you should

make mileage?

Test online mileage software for free

Tax savings !

Kilometer you can easily throw in costs, while already a company car that is simultaneously used for private purposes is quite a challenge for proper tax accounting.

Many entrepreneurs who can afford it prefer to reimburse employees for travel expenses on the basis of their prepared mileage

Then they don't have to worry about the ever-changing tax laws. 

Cost of mileage travel should cover the reimbursement of fuel costs and depreciation of the car used.  

Constantly changing tax laws regarding leases, and the deduction of VAT are unlikely to be simplified anytime soon. 

Therefore, you should consider using of this mechanism to optimize costs In your own company.

kiometer-why it's worth it

Modern online mileage program

will help you account for the use of a private car for business purposes - check out how it works!

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